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Double your profits by

Doubling your Influence & Credibility!

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Course Curriculum


Lead Generation Redefined:

Attracting your buyers and cultivating a relationship will be key in reaching your goals.

  • Learn how to create lead capture pages at no cost!

  • Learn how to create & establish lead generation methods

  • Learn how to maximize on incoming leads


Becoming an Author Increases Your Credibility by 300%!!!

  • Learn How to Self Publish with Less than $100 & KEEP 100% of your rights!

  • Build Ebooks in Less than 48 Hours

  • Learn my 3 Step Secret Method to Building Books


Become a Seminar Genius Guru

  • Learn how to Build your Brand via Seminars

  • Grow your target audience by Delivering Value to your Prospect Buyers/Clients

  • Become a Seminar Genius Guru with a Simple Formula

Double your Profits by Doubling your Influence & Credibility!

What is included?

  • Lead Generation Redefined!
  • Become an Expert by Self Publishing!
  • Seminar Genius Guru

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